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Friday, August 09, 2013

Ryan Gosling is waiting for me at the bar

I tried to think of a cute, funny little line for Ryan to be saying to me in this photo. 

But the thing is, this picture, from the hilarious and poignant movie Crazy Stupid Love, just makes me think back to the ancient past.  Back when everything was different.  BC.

Before children.

Oh, if only you could have known me, back in the day.  When I used to spend time picking out an outfit (instead of just grabbing a t-shirt off the dresser) and then, with my girlfriends and while playing Big Audio Dynamite and Salt n Pepa, fixing my hair to be the perfect combination of curly yet smooth, and applying a fresh layer of eyeliner and mascara.  Making a great effort to look effortlessly attractive and going out on the town.

It seems like a lifetime ago, like it was a different person.  It went from being completely, 100% all about me - what I was doing, where I was going, how I was feeling, and what I wanted to be doing next, to almost never about me.

Today, my day to day, hour to hour existence is not much about what I want to be doing.  And that's how I want it.  I had 32 years of focusing on me.  I was ready to make someone - someones - else be #1, and give up my throne.  I was a little sick of me, and I wanted to raise children.  There are still good times to be had, with a family.

I find, though, after 10 years of parenthood, that I miss me.  I miss spending time making myself look and feel good.  I miss the carefree attitude.  That's something I don't think you can ever get back, after having kids.  You can go out and socialize and have a great time, but the kids are always there in the back of your mind.

I don't think I realized that, when I was getting ready to have our first baby.  How much you never, ever really leave them behind, even when you get a sitter and go out without them.

This picture reminds me of me, 20 or so years ago.  Not that I ever went anywhere as swanky as this, and not that Ryan Gosling was ever waiting for me at the bar.  But a girl can fantasize, right?

Thanks to Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood for reviving the Special Needs Ryan Gosling meme!  Check out the other entries!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Manny's Take on the Potty Wars

Potty training has been slow and without progress, mainly because we aren't consistent. We sit on the potty and try when we have time, but then when we have to go somewhere, which seems like it's all the time, we put on a pullup and off we go.

So this week Zack decided he's not liking the feel of a pullup with, shall we say, stuff in it. He takes it out.  With his hands.  He's done it every day for almost a week now.  (Sorry for the TMI, but this is my life.)  I will be horrified if he ever does that at school.  Luckily, he usually doesn't do that at school at all.  He holds it all day and saves it for home.

At our appointment with Dr. Berry-Kravis this week, she said that's his way of telling us - I need to be doing this on a potty!

Which, duh - we know.

So we decided to make some changes to our schedule, and we've quit Courage Center.   For at least two weeks, we aren't going to have outside therapies, so that we can come home from school and sit on the potty until we see some action.  I am just working on Zack right now.  Because the last time I worked on them together, they ganged up on me.   AJ sat on the potty and tried, and nothing happened, so he put on some Go Diego Go undies and went to the computer to wait for Zack to take a turn.  While Zack was sitting, AJ peed.  A gallon or so.  While I cleaned up AJ's mess, Zack took it upon himself to get up off the potty and pee on the floor, too.  I swear they plan these things.

So I'm letting AJ off the hook for awhile and focusing my efforts on Zack.  When Zack finally does poop on the potty, I told him I'd get him a new episode of Super Why for the iPad.   They are only $1.99.   Then later it dawned on me that I'm setting an expensive precedent, if every poop is going to cost me $1.99.

I'm a little disappointed that my manny Ryan Gosling isn't really here to help me with this training, but alas, he is imaginary, and our training needs are very much not.  When the poop is on the wall, it's time to crack down.  I guess it's time to stop waiting for my Fairy Godmanny to show up and do the work.

Check out the other Special Needs Ryan Gosling entries here, at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Pool Time with Ryan Gosling - Our (Imaginary) Manny

Summer is almost here.  The humidity creeped in yesterday and I almost turned on the AC.

Bring on the parks.  Prepare the monkey bars, the rock walls, the swings and the slides.  We've saved up our energy all winter and we're ready to hit it hard!  (Side note - has anyone else noticed that although parks rarely have teeter totters anymore, those street signs indicating a park is nearby still show a tetter totter?  Weird.)

We need to take this craziness outside!

That waterslide was a lot faster than I thought it would be!  I don't think I was ready for that!
It IS a bit of an extreme sensory experience.
But I LOVE it!

Ryan Gosling is checking out the pool to make sure it's all ready.  You know - the imaginary pool in our backyard.  (Hey, if I can have Ryan as my imaginary manny, I can have an imaginary swimming pool in my backyard.  There's an imaginary waterslide off to the left here, that you can't see in the picture.)

Check out the other entries at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How much is too much? Ryan knows.

I am wondering lately whether we are doing too much.  This is the boys' weekly schedule.
  • School 5 days a week (usually, anyway.  It seems like there are so many late-start days, professional days, holidays, conference days, and random-for-no-good-reason days off school lately)
  • Courage Center for speech and occupational therapy 3 days a week.
Okay so it doesn't make an impressive bullet list.  Only two things.  But it leaves them very, very little time left for just hanging out.  I haven't given them a lot of free time in the past because they didn't do constructive, educational, developmentally appropriate things with their free time.  They didn't play, like other kids.

If all they were going to do was yell and stim in front of the TV or computer for hours -- well, I wasn't going to give them a lot of time to do that.  So I filled their schedules with beneficial things.

The past couple of weeks though I find myself being relieved whenever we could cancel one of their appointments.  And I think the boys feel the same way.  Last night at Courage Center, while waiting his turn for occupational therapy, instead of playing his favorite games on the iPad, AJ climbed into my lap and put his head on my shoulder.  His therapist reported that he wasn't terribly cooperative.  He sat or stood in the corner a lot and didn't liven up until she said he could be all done, and go back out to his mom.

 And you remember how Zack was on Monday.  He was very overstimulated when we left.

I wonder if I should be giving them more time to themselves.  My manny, Ryan Gosling, is thinking the same thing.

See the other Special Needs Ryan Gosling photos over here at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood, written by the girl with the most fun name ever, Sunday Stilwell.  You can also find them by hunting for the Twitter hashtag #SNRyanGosling.  And thanks to Ryan for being such a good sport.  Not that there's anything he could do about this.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

My Manny, Ryan Gosling

Some of you may recall that about a week ago (in my dreams), I hired Ryan Gosling to work as a manny for my kids.  Ryan has been working out great.  He is great with the kids and they love him.  He's incredibly attuned to my needs too.  I just wonder where he got all his knowledge about children with special needs.  He's so well rounded.  There's just nothing he can't do.

Go see the rest of the Special Needs Ryan Gosling submissions at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood..... This is something she does every Friday, and as usual, I'm running a bit behind.  I figure, as long as the link hasn't closed and I can still add mine to the list, it's not too late.  Right?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ryan Gosling is my Manny

I recently hired a manny.  Have I mentioned that?  Yep.  I'll have a lot more time for blogging now, with Ryan here to play with the kids.  I guess he wanted a little break from the whole acting thing and wanted to do something meaningful.  It's nice, I didn't know he had such strong, loving feelings for kids with Fragile X.

Sunday over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood has been doing this weekly thing now for awhile called Special Needs Ryan Gosling, and it's just too fun not to participate.

She posts a picture of Ryan Gosling and you add some text to it. Pretty simple, but I had a tough time figuring out what to put, because it was important that I include Fragile X somehow, of course.

You should go to Extreme Parenthood though, and read all the entries.  They are all so funny!

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